Monday, August 8, 2016

This Morning, Life Changed, Kenneth D. Foulk

  This morning  6 August 2016 early, receiving a call from my cousin Silvia, the day began. I was catching up on my Facebook reading, since hubby was off to do shopping.

 In 1928, somewhere in South Dakota, a baby boy was born to our Great Uncle Dick (Arthur W. Foulk) and his wife Bernice.(Mildred Bernice Robbins) Bernice was used in census records.

 This morning that baby boy went home again. 6 August 2016. We laid his wife (Dolly) to rest a little over two months ago. Her going home on 6 June, 2016.

We have one sibling left on this side with us yet.

 Knowing Ken from the time I was about 14 and his father living with us. He (Ken) served in Korea and when he came home, of course, he came to see his Dad.  He went to work driving Greyhound Bus for his career.  He went to Wyoming and married his bride, brought her back to meet us.

They lived in an apartment in San Francisco, CA for some time and then finally moved into a home.

Finally settling near Aunt Ruth and Uncle Fred Feil 's area in Santa Clara County.  (Mom's sis)

They had three beautiful children. I stayed with her when last child was born and he was on long hauls with bus system.  They became like older brother and sister to me.  I had babysat for them when needed after I had moved in with my Aunt and Uncle in Sunnyvale, Ca 1959.

My husbands' holding their daughter was a first for Fred. (Never held a baby before)

 He was my Dad's Ray Dee Jones Sr, first cousin, my second cousin, but the ages are so different.
One line was born in one end of scale the other line on the other meeting somewhere in the middle.
Dad was old enough to be his father, but they had a awesome relationship.

 Our children are close in age.  Though our children are not close,  they are only loosing touch after marriages and moving to start their own lives.  Which is sad and I did not want to see happen.

 Kenneth D.  Foulk, born in Brookings, South Dakota, grew up in Greybull, Wyoming mostly. But lost his mother (Bernice)  Mildred B. Robbins while young.  I have a picture of her funeral DAD gave me.  She is  not in the next census.

The siblings I knew were : Lowletta,  ( his sis m Mr Paddock),  Ken, next born, Keith , and Klint.

I met all of these and we visited different ones over time.  I remember hearing stories about Gertude {(7) in 1930}, an older sister whom died.  Can not find the information in Mom's genealogy, she had it at one time.

Ken's Grandfather was Harvey E Foulk and Margaret Mae Eastman Foulk was his Grandmother.

 Ken's Dad lived with us in the 1950's early and then went to live with his daughter Lowletta Paddock in Oregon, where he died.

Ken and Dolly (LuLu) Foulk had three children: Steven, Stuart and Silvia.  They will miss their parents very much as will our family.  The children are scattered about the USA.  They had grandchildren and great grandchildren if my papers are correct.

We still have a Great Aunt alive in Greybull, Wyoming. Uncle Herbert's wife Leona.  God Bless them all.

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