Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Various Programs and their Offers.

I am still attempting to see why we are doing some of the movements in Genealogy.

First,  starting as a youth working along with my MOM, we recorded lots of family information.

Second, suddenly it is not relevant, unless sourced, in their own hand and recorded can't be used.

Third,  believe me, my Grandfather's would have written it out for me and if they had thought this would happen. Some that was written out the government lost. They have no idea what they did to the sources I did have. Great Grandma' Eastman Foulk's letters. Several of the other families of her generation that I had been writing to since about 12 were all lost in a government shipment but they did not declare it worth of repayment.
At this point many of these people were gone.  Great Grandmother died in Jan of 1958. I graduated that year. She shared so  many stories and events. Have even considered hypnotism to recall the data she shared.

LOL, the system would kick it out to, possibly.

Fourth, we struggle along to replicate some form of sourcing and data.

Fifth, we are many where we appeared to be few and suddenly programs are jumping.

Sixth,  Everyone ??? wants to make a major tree of all interlinking to prove we are all related.

Seventh,  Where suddenly is the sourcing for solidification of the data? Sometimes I use some of the data if enough people agree and post a bit of sourcing.
Many I do not touch.  I have people that have pages of sources and some with only one or two source items. Being taught you should have at least 3 sources I sometimes ponder if I should go left or go right.

Eighth,  Also what about all the very, very old historical books on surnames written by families in the 1850's forward.  Family History books, places History books, what about these for sources and information.

Ninth,  new genealogical programs have created some new ideas for research. Timelines, can really help one to fill in our blanks and with Timelines of various sources or mixed together it can really help fill in the history of your family.

Tenth,  final for this blog post, Are you watching what some  companies are doing to our sources and work we put together and did for free?  Many sites are disappearing, why they were to be held for genealogists always.

One of our best sites ever for almost every state was USGENWEB.ORG.

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