Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sympathy Saturday RIP Gwendolyn GIBSON

Gwendolyn Gibson was my teacher in my Junior and Senior year of high school.

She left a lasting impression on my for her dedication and insistence to do things right, follow through and do not give up.

She was my Band Teacher and Gym Coach, she also taught me other classes.

She passed the day before her 88th birthday.

Her sister was also a teacher in our school. We lost her a few years ago. Annie Rook.
She taught Spanish and other classes and run the Library area.

Miss Gibson was born in 1928  and died in 2016.

She has a living sister and many relatives of her siblings.

I hope God was ready for her and I am sure there was much rejoicing.
Band Music, Singing and even a bit of Marching happening now that she has arrived.

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