Saturday, April 15, 2017

Backdoor to Christopher Jones Jr & more Names

Christopher Jones, Mayflower Captain is your 11th great grandfather's wife's first cousin once removed's wife's 2nd husband.
     Ray Dee Jones 
your father   Victoria Mae Jones 
his mother   Margaret Mae Foulk 
her mother   Lydia Eastman 
her mother   Prosper Trowbridge 
her father Rufus Trowbridge 
his father   Keeler Trowbridge 
his father   Caleb Trowbridge 
his father   James Trowbridge 
his father   Elizabeth Trowbridge 
his mother Capt. George Lamberton 
her father   Mary Margaret Lamberton 
his mother   Sir Robert Denys, MP, of Holcombe 
her father   Mary Dennis 
his wife Dorothy Grey, Baroness Montjoy 
her mother   Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset 
her brother   Thomas Gray, of Harwich 
his son   Richard Gray, of Harwich 
his son   Josian Bartelmore       
his wife   Christopher Jones, Mayflower Captain 

her husband

This is from  Read from the bottom up to understand the tree.  This states she is a direct line relative to me via the father of Josian Barelmore  ( GREY?GRAY, THOMPSON, JONES.)

I am surprised to see that Roger Jones was his brother and that was in an article  sent by my cousin Helen Durbin.  Roger was in Maryland.  Capt of ship also.

I know that Mr. Alden's mother was Christopher Jones Jr's sister also.

Since I have four proven Jones lines wonder if a couple of them may early interlink.

IS this Capt William Jones lineage.  I have not traced him farther back., but his daughter married
Capt John Duvall. Elizabeth Jones. It also mentions Fry in the article which is a 2nd or 3rd wife of Henry Huffman, (Catrouch FRY/Catherine Fry) 


Captain John DUVALL, married about 1686 to Elizabeth JONES. They had 11 children. One of the more important military officers of the Province. In 1704, he and his brother, Mareen the elder, were granted "Duvalls Delight", a patent of 3108 acres, located at the mouth of Rogues Harbor. It was one of the true manors in Anne Arundel County and is listed in Alice Norris Parran's "Register of Maryland Heraldic Families".

Another name mentioned is LEE  very interesting data. 

So Grey/Gray is a name we JONES need to do research on.  Had to remember that she married after Christopher died and became Bartelmore.  All this on computer I can not get open. GRRRR.

Nor have I looked at Dennis though the name flits through  my family files ever so often. From Lamberton down I have verified well. 

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