Monday, November 27, 2017

Jones Foulk Data, So excited.....

Tonight I was on Ancestry and it did not bounce all over and I found that a cousin has added a picture.

The picture is of my Grandmother as an infant. Excited, excited.

I am going to ask if they can share with me.

Working with EASTMAN family and hope I can garner more information on GGrandma Margaret Mae Eastman and her siblings and parents. I have data: Names, Dates, etc. But would love more stories.

Dad told a cute one when we were talking one time.  I gather after they left Iowa and came to Wyoming to live that Grandparents Foulk's decided to try Wheatland, Wyo also.

Alas it was not to last.  Dad was coming out of school one day and Grandad FOULK pulled up and gave him the reins for a horse and told him to give to his Dad.  They were on their way back to IOWA.  I gather Grandma was not a happy camper at all. So wish Dad had wrote all those stories down.

I found an earlier picture of GGrandma Eastman in some old files a week ago but as I go through the old manual files before computer I may find a few more. Maybe by spring we will know more.

Great Grandma Eastman Foulk wrote to me until her death and then Navy lost all those files and our address book so many contacts were lost in 1966-67.


  1. What fun to find a photo of your grandmother. Perhaps your cousin has other photos not yet online that he/she would be willing to share. You each may have stories/information to share. I love finding new cousins.

  2. Linda Stufflebean, Thanks these are known cousins, but due to family fire did not know that picture had survived.
    Love my cousins both near and far. 1st to 15th is fine with me. We are told we are all brothers and sisters.

  3. Congratulations Susi! It is always wonderful to find a new photo of our ancestors.