Monday, February 11, 2019

Henry and Elizabeth Higgins Hoffman 51+ Years

  How Long Were Your Ancestors Married.

 This question was posted by Randy Seaver, for  our Saturday Night Fun Event.

 Henry and Elizabeth Higgins Hoffman were married 50+ years.
 Married in 1826, April 9

  both died after 1876

   Henry 15 Sept. 1879  Aleppo, Greene Co. PA
   Elizabeth 3 Feb 1877 Aleppo, Greene Co. PA

  Another is Alexander Duvall 11  & Abigail Elizabeth Powell
  married 5 Jun 1780

  60 years  

  Alexander 11 died 7 June 1840
  Abigail  died 5 March 1842

  We can hope we make 60 on 5 July 2019 m 5 July 1979  Maybe in part to the thanks of those above.
   Wonder how many more we will make.

   Ray Dee Jones Sr and Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones made more than 50 also. my parents.
    O, I am sure I will find more because MOM did this  for their 50th Anniversary.

    3 Sept 1938 Wheatland Wyo
     Ray d 12 April 1995 Santa Rosa, CA
     Dorothy d 10 Jan 2011 Valley Ford,  CA.

     57 years

   Calvin Fay Jones and Hannah Julian Young
   married 5 July 1868

   Calvin died 23 Sept 1910 Nashua, IA
   Hannah died 27 July 1941 Moorhead, Clay Co. Minn

   42 Years?

  Finding many more yup.. Thanks for that.

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