Thursday, March 7, 2019

Tombstones, Dates and Confusion.

    Lots of chatter lately about Tombstones, non matching dates and documents.

   Having learned that tombstones were expensive to carve many times if an error was made the family did not correct, it due to fees.  Once in a long time a carver would re do at a limited fee.
   Court records tend to have less errors but not always, even Census records as Randy Seaver showed the genealogy group a week ago or so.

   I like the fact that in New York  you wrote your data in their book in your hand.  Which started my confusion because the gravestone said something different.  I had the Grave information first, when I found his birth information and it was signed by his father I had to contact others to learn what happened.  Fortunately it was just a few days off, so maybe in grief they were told wrong or the maker made an error.

 We find these errors more than we wish but we are all human and errors do exist.

 Wondering if other states had them enter the information in their hand or the court person wrote it in.

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