Monday, July 22, 2019

Today Was The Day.

Today was the day 79 years ago that brought about my being.  MOM fell down a long flight of stairs and I was born early.  Yup, that is a fact.

Born in hospital in Greybull, Wyo on this date. I can not remember the time and papers I was to receive I never was given.  Does not matter I am here.  YUP I pinched myself, I am for real.

22 July 1940.

22 July 2019 is almost gone now so thought I would let you know, it did happen.

Today was pretty quiet and the sky was pretty again tonight but not near as pretty as last night with  pink gold stairs across the sky.

So Thanks to all my Family and my Friends for saying Happy Blessed Birthday and let's hope we can do this again next year, next 20 years.

Blessings to all and to all a Good Night.

Susan Carol Jones Pentico since 5 July 1959.   We made 60 years this year. Love my husband and childrens Dad.


  1. Happy birthday, Susi dear! We're happy that you were born!
    Fondly, Lynn and John (GFS LynnB and GFS Search)

  2. Lynn and John,
    Thank you for those kind words. We have had some fun over the times. Blessings. Susi