Sunday, September 27, 2009

BlackSheep Sunday Harvey Edward Foulk

Black SHEEP o o the poor black sheep they are getting blamed. I wonder why not the brown sheep or the almost white sheep.

Black Sheep family member is My Great Grandfather FOULK. Who disappeared at the time he sold a load of wheat to Russia in the I believe 1930's. Born and raised in IOWA family still in the home of residence then today. I have written of him before. Prior to this he had moved to Wheatland, Wyo and did not like it and moved back to IOWA. Many stories going around about this mans disappearance and I suspect I may have found him in southern Ca in census with another woman from the same area of IOWA.. Gee does that story sound familiar. A million novels and mysteries have used that ploy I wonder which one he read to do this if it's really him.


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