Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday's Scramble

Thursday should be as much fun as Monday Madness, Tombstone Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Blacksheep Sunday, and what I call Frantic Friday's.

Thursday's should be to get organized to complete the week or prepare for research at the Library on weekend. Scramble to find the papers you need to complete. Or Scramble to organize the papers to put into the system or your file for the weekend.

Some days Thursday's are for Muddling, some days Thursday's are for Organizing, some days they are for Scrambling to complete what you started before you start something new.

Thursday seem to be the changing day. Decision makers and non are at the cross roads of what to decide to do for the rest of the research week.

Sometimes we get data in, that changes our intentions or courses. Sometimes we send data
that creates the same atmosphere.

If we do Thursday's Scramble right we won't have a Frantic Friday.

Land deeds, Warrants, Grants, Patents, Wills, Probates are all key 1st place sources.
Have a great Thursday's Scramble.

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