Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is Coming Can you believe that?

Christmas is coming just like any other day of the year. The clock is still ticking and the world still spins around. The clouds dance softly across the sky or they fly in angry movement as the winds whip up the sky.

Second series of physical therapy for my neck and back. I finally have some of my functioning back. Car trunks lids are dangerous and can render us great harm. Be wary as you load your gifts and move to and fro. One more therapy and then off to the clouds I go.

Family is awaiting on the other end. I am trusting God to keep Mom safe until I can arrive.
I bought cards 4 weeks ago but it bothered me to do much movement and write. Worse some of my writing I could hardly read. Ier go my cards are setting still undone.

Now I am feeling better and so I want to say Blessed Holiday Season to one and to all. Blessed Christmas to all those whom believe. Be safe and careful and have a good holiday.

May you be Blessed now and always and live a long life.

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