Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is coming. Can you believe that? part 2

Ah, I am back, see I feel better not perfect hee hee but better, so much better.
I received an email from my son with his pup as he calls him. He also sent one with his dog and
his Pup. Looking laid back and ignoring the snow and weather it seems to me. I hear his barn is
about done so the animals are in a much warmer place.

His brother was by tonight and left his Dad some more books to read. Now if we could get his sciatic nerve to settle down and leave him alone (Dad)(Fred). It looks like more good books about war and airplanes.

Tree lights are up since Thanksgiving. Outside lights are up since Saturday, hurray, so much slower this year than in past. Neighbor came and helped delegate the design. We like it.

So we ask Christmas cards are next. Packages bought are already wrapped. Any baking will take place when I fly back unless the others do it. I love what we are to blog about on different days but I just did not feel like setting her typing away.

Hey, Hey tomorrow's another day. I did not miss the baking on Thanksgiving and the family did their deeds so I suspect this holiday will fair quite well also.

Did anyone remember Pearl Harbor Day? Gerald O Jones was there and he wrote memoirs of the event. Maybe I will get them printed this next year. I watched unshown films last night on Military Channel and I find the reefs where the ships lay are very fascinating that they are
building new stories in the water.

I know that many other members of our family were involved in PH and other areas of the war.
My Uncle Dick was personal guard to President Ike and the stories he tells are exciting,and traumatic.

My nephews have served my grandnephew is serving, my uncles served, my husband served, my son served, my brother served. Our service goes back to Revolutionary War and earlier.

May our world be blessed with Peace before we have no world.

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