Sunday, May 8, 2011

52 Weeks of P G & H Bedroom

Now that is a topic to really delve into.  Our Bedrooms, did we share, did we not?  Were they up stairs or down?  Did they have heat or did they not?   Were they of paneling or painted over plasterboards or just single wall rooms, sharing the board with the out side and the in?

I  lived early in a room with my parents in a bunk house style home, then we moved to California and I had my own room for a few years.
When sister came along and was old enough she then shared the room with me. Again this was a wood structured home with board walls. I know there was no insulation. But the houses were smaller and the space was not as big to get so cold it seemed. The wood stove in center of home heat all the rooms when we left the doors open before stoking the fire and going to bed.
We moved again about     8 maybe 10 miles down the road to a much larger home. It had wall paper and trim around the room.  The ceilings seemed taller and we had separate rooms then we shared because we wanted the one room as a toy room.
Again brother was born and we remained sharing the room.  It was a really nice house. It still stands right there under the bend in the road. Twice while living there cars came off but never hit the house but destroyed the fence. We had violets under our bedroom window and they smelled so nice. The yard was rimmed in herb bushes of many kinds so it always smelled good.  This was a dairy and chicken ranch.
Very seldom did the odor of the ranch bother us. The way the land laid and the buildings were set agreed with a good breeze to keep the air clear. It was in this house Mom and were picking weeds and the sun was out and we got rained on. The landlady said it was California Liquid Sunshine.

It seemed my rooms were almost always an off white color. We had cloth curtains or the pull down roll shades in the windows to cut the light and heat and cold.
In the first home in California, Dad made me a table. I later shared it with my sister. I am hoping to give that table to my nephew who is just starting to have children, for them to enjoy.  Richard do you hear me.
We had two small chairs that outlasted our childhood. Sis took hers home a few years ago. The other one I am going to pass along to go with the table. The back needs two boards replaced. I was going to ask a cousin to do it but it not hard to do.
We also had a small dresser in the room for our clothes. The light was in the ceiling.

 When we moved again to the current home that is going to be sold we shared a bedroom with our small brother and I helped Dad do some remodeling of the home. We ultimately build an back porch to the property giving the home more bedrooms. At first we 3 slept in the 8 X 12 room on a double bed.
Finally we were able to have separate beds and we moved into the upstairs space that was upgraded. So we had two single beds, a night stand and dresser.  We also had a spare single bed for company in this space. Brother got the bedroom downstairs and then the last brother came.

It took us some time to remodel this small house and for all to have space somewhat of their own.
Being that I was older, I was gone by the time my younger brother started school. So they had more room.

 I think of the homes I had the favorites would be the bedroom in the house below the curve on the hill with the violets and herbed smell and the yard. Even if living here was my first experience with fire.

My next favorite would be my sleeping upstairs and being able to open the door to walk on out on the roof of the bedroom my parents slept in. When hot we would set out until it was more cool.
Alas I slept walk and almost came off the roof so Dad moved me down stairs my last two years in the house. I had the room Mom died in, in December. It still was painted the colors we painted it when I was in high school. They never changed it. It was a pretty soft grey and pink off set trim. It was carpeted.
Free carpet from a hotel that closed. Mom really liked those colors and growled if we wanted to change it.  She always said," I want to try it Yellow one day."

We were not allowed to lay our clothes down and leave them lay. There was no space for clutter.

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