Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Genealogical Concepts in my Thoughts.

 Some Genealogical Concepts in my Thoughts

 I just read a really good mystery that conjured up some very interesting Genealogical threads, regarding a man of history.
 This brought up some very interesting thoughts for us as genealogists. I was thrilled to see a writer use some genealogical data in his book.
 The marriage in England has many hunting for their royal roots.  Others look for links to Charlemagne.

 So what about the links to other famous or not so well liked rulers of old.
 What about early Greeks, Spartans, people of Mesopotamia?

  We of the western culture are so new to research that we do not even have at hand the resources except via the internet and major libraries for information and most of us lack the historical knowledge of early areas to have a clue as to whom we may relate to.

  Ydna and Mtdna say we do link going back to the the beginning.

  With Genealogy doing all the twists and turns and bends in it's resource formats and concepts, this book fell into a great space to expand out for more knowledge.

  Why do we hear so much of the Germanic and English and so little of our real early peoples?

   Do we not know where these groups formed from?  What about the Norseman and others that we read
   of.  The Monguls and the early Chinese.  Where did our Indian's come from?  Did they start here,
  historians say no and that they came across the isthmus at Alaska and migrated into the western world.
  That only happens now when the water freezes across for them to migrate across the region.

  So is the place called Atlantis in our background?

  Thanks Clive Cussler for a great read. Napoleon for having been so different that he could be used as a plot in a book." Spartan Gold: was exciting and intriguing and made my mind say we do not all have to go back to Charlemagne.

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