Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, Following- Cousin's Found/Shared Information on Silas JONES Kin

Jones, of old Albany, today, Saratoga, Rensealaer Co area of New York.

Suspecting that due to large families there is more than many realize linked to Silas JONES Sr of old
Greenwich, Rhode Island to then Albany, New York. The area is then split into more counties and I suspect kin in at least three if not more counties early.  Some day maybe get to play with the other names.

A cousin of distance sent information that was found and shared. Land comes from Van Rensaelaer Patent?
It confirms when we purchased and can establish residency for this area. I have data but it is not all filled in.
Blanks here and there and names sometimes are missing, that is first names are missing for a father and last names, for a couple of mothers.

There are many names mentioned in the papers she copied and sent. Many I am familiar with and have done some research on. A couple of new names that are now confirmed into the family also. 

When I have access to mail again I will share the names.  I am hoping those whom are looking for kin of Silas JONES Sr family will contact me, regarding any of his siblings or his children.

The Sand Lake Historian was sending papers, Some were helpful some led off to another line of family not  mine. They were like the German's they liked to reuse the names over and over and almost every sibling then had a (favorite?) sibling/child named for them. 

I understand the JONES CEMETERY has been relocated and there are a few non JONES in Cemetery.
Why not they did marry into other families, of course.

Noel JONES,b abt 1785 NY what was your wife's last name? You had to know it. Was it NOYES?

Susan MADISON JONES b abt1818  who were your parents?  I am sure George was a brother or cousin but suspect brother.

Silas JONES Sr how I wish you had, been able to fill out a paper with all your grandchildren listed on it for the family to retain. At least up until the point of your death in 1803?

So bloggers do you have a list of the names of all your grandchildren on it? Since we can not print living people how are the future generations going to know whom was family if you do not have this data somewhere shared and stored. What about married in last names of spouses since they are also living?

The list should go to a library, and each down line child of yours for safe keeping. Families in this day and age scatter as badly as 150 years ago. 

Jones kin would you kindly share your, not known where they fit in, information so maybe more of the puzzle pieces can come together.


  1. Hi Susi,

    I have a JONES family that seems to have followed a very similar path. It is one of my unresearched lines, so I do not have a lot of information yet.

    Aaron Jones lived in Schoharie County, NY, in the 1830 federal census. They moved to Saratoga County, specifically Ballston Spa. Aaron died before 1850, when his widow Paulina lived in Ballston with children Joseph F. Jones and Cassandra Jones. Another daughter Elizabeth (my ancestor) married Return J. (called "Jay") Burnham. Daughter Rebecca remained unmarried throughout her life, and is rather notorious in Ballston Spa, known as as "Silent Becky." Her portrait hangs in the Saratoga County Historical Society (Brookside Museum).

    Any connection between your Joneses and my Aaron Jones?

  2. I received your message on my blog - I apologize for not having responded earlier. As I mentioned, I have not thoroughly researched this line yet. I do have a copy of a disapproved pension claim on the service of Joseph F. Jones written by his sister Rebecca who was claiming their other sister Cassandra (who is consistently listed as an invalid) as Joseph's dependent. Joseph served in the Civil War and died as a result of injuries sustained in the War, in 1862. I also have Return J. Burnham's (Elizabeth's husband) pension file. I believe that all of them were buried in Ballston Spa. I would have to dig further into my notes for more specifics. However, they seem to have followed a similar migration route, so I thought there might be a connection.