Monday, October 31, 2011

Michigan Monday & Halloween

Michigan Monday and Halloween

Today I read that Bill Smith asked this question regarding how we preceive events so differently yet we all experienced the same event.

First it, depends on one's perspective of the event. Did they go expecting certain things or not expecting any gains?

Second, did they go with high hopes of resolving something and were they met with resistance?

Third, Goes back to the first. We all see an apple tree with apples.  One says it has lots of apples, one says it has been partially picked and not many apples, and another may say, I do not see but a few apples.

How we look at the event, situation is what helps us shape how we look at that situation.

A cup is half full and a cup is half empty.  Ironic, it is still the same cup.

So Halloween in Michigan is a day of cool beginnings and some sun and some breeze which almost always picks up in the afternoon. The day will end with darkness falling and probably not any trick or treaters since we live in farm country.

It was called Beggar's Night by my Dad and we were not allowed to beg.  We could attend parties and functions but not go door to door. I also learn here that the town sets the hours when people can go out to ply their wares.

I just hope that everyone has a good evening and no one is hurt or injured or damaged by those of scrupulous thoughts.

Happy Halloween or Blessed Holy Evening, for it is the night be for All Saint's Day.  A mixed holiday of both pagan and christian beliefs.

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