Monday, March 5, 2012

Honoring our Female Ancestors

Yes, It is the month to honor our female ancestors.  Of course for each female we have a counter part.

Suspecting the females probably have more to tell and share than the male in many cases.

The stray ancestress's in one line ironically all start with Susan, Susannah and Susanna and one not proven Susanna.

My parents thought when they named me Susan (Suzanne) that it was a non used name in Dad's family and Mom's family tree.  Yes, I was named Suzanne but the nurse spelt it wrong. Mom said she never totally forgave that nurse for the spelling of my name.

So the tale starts or ends here:

Great Great Granddad Noyes JONES marries  Susan MADISON
She is like an elusive ghost I just  read about.  She was obviously born between  1810 and 1818.
Her tombstone says 1818, some genealogies say 1812, some say 1816. Of course the census is bouncing amongst the data with dates also.
Where was she born you ask?  Census implies three states, children implied four states, in the end she said Mass. We know where she died and when and yes she was moved for a road widening. She was a  brave person to have come from Mass?NY?VT and married in NY and had all children but one in New York. Second born son was born in Mass.  That son never left New York to head to Illinois supposedly died before the trip or the trip came about because of his death?
We know she gave birth to 8 children living to young adults. One dying just before adult hood of that time. 5 boys 3 girls.

Great Great Great Granddad NOEL JONES born abt 1785 in New York(implied) married a
Susannah   whom gave him the son NOYES JONES 1809 in Rensselaer Co. NY court records.
1810 in Census for Federal.

 Never to be found again until Noyes Jones is married with Susan Madison,
living in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY in 1850 census. Also on the  1855 state census of NY.


Susan  Madison JONES had five boys that we are aware of and three girls.

So the name Susan, Susanna, Susannah is really not uncommon in the JONES family. It seems each generation liked a Susan, Susanna, or Susannah well enough to marry and pro create the next generation.

Documentation to Silas JONES SR and Susanna Sweet Jones. Documentation for  Noyes Parentage.
We just can not determine for sure but very inclined to feel that Abel JONES was the line that Noel JONES sprang from, born 1785 in NY near Albany area. Also a not proven.

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