Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday & Those Places Thursday

Yes, I am thankful for those places my parents took me as a youth.  They Oregon Trail, the wagon ruts, the river to cross, the mountains that loomed so high. Born in Wyoming near the  Rockies, and traveled all over the western continental states prior to marriage was a internal goal I set.  

It was probably Dad that set that in motion for me to want to accomplish.  By the time I was 13, that was
a priority on my  mind.

We went to Oregon to see our Aunt Ruth and Uncle Fred Feil, we went to New Mexico to see her older sister Aunt Mae, we went to Colorado up the divide to Denver, Ft. Collins and other places family lived.

Aunt Muril was near Denver, Great Uncle Walter was in Ft. Collins, a cousin lived across the border in
Nebraska. I actually had a Great Aunt and Uncle that lived there also.

 Of course to see New Mexico we crossed on  Route 66 in Arizona, what  a gorgeous state, it is so full of rocks, and ruts and natures wonders. I touched on  Texas going to southern New Mexico.

Will never forget when Dad said," What does that mean?"  We were going across deep rolling pockets of land in White Sands" Air Field area. On the top of the hill the sign said,"Watch for Low Flying Airplanes".
Dad says," does that mean if we hear one we should stay low or we should get to the top?" About that time we were in the bottom of a pocket and a plane screamed over our heads, low flying absolutely.
I think had we been on the top we would have been higher than the plane.

We never did figure which would have been best and we had the experience of two of the planes zipping over us.  1958

So much family to see and places to go. The clock is ticking.

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