Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Seminar has Past

The Seminar has Past

The day started early and the day went quick.
Just blinked my eyes and that was it.

The books were many and the smiles were plentiful.
The snacks were tempting and the dessert was delightful.

The words were many but the time was so short.
It seemed there was so  much that some was an abort.

The air started frigid but we were able to get that thaw.
The prizes were many and enjoyed by all.

From  Oil Change to Education the gifts were abound.
We hope that the Seminar  helped all around.

From  Maps and urls to roads and ships,
from Kings and Queens and landownership,

the words  still swirl in my head
trying to capture all that was said.

Thank you Leland Meitzler and William Dollarhide for a most intriguing educational day.
The thoughts you shared will not soon go away.

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