Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sorting Saturday Sort Of

Sorting Saturday Sort Of

Yesterday I was given the chance to talk in depth to a person about writing. I have always liked to write.
I did a lot of it in High School and in College and even had a book printed long ago on technical terms used by schools. This was so the parents that we were working with could understand the jargon of the school people.

Now I am learning that to write, the world has changed.  I am not sure I totally agree with some of what I hear.  I  am still reading the many kinds of books I read as a teen, young adult and older adult. Themes and content vary but the the lay out generally appears all the same. I love many themes and types from intense ancient history, to a murder mystery or a casual intrigue.

Having three books on the Family's history in  the works, I am sorting through the thoughts that were tossed my way about writing today.  My Aunt wrote and was published often. We always wished Dad would have written the tales he would tell us so connecting to his and his siblings youth. We did not have recorders to use either alas.

Sometimes wondering if a Hypnotist could pull the stories from my mind, I think of doing that.
So this morning has been spent sorting thoughts in my mind about my writing, my family history,
and whether it I should try to reach a book company or just blindly go on my own.

One book is very documented, to much so I think, it removes the flow of the story about the past.
Do you have trouble with getting a story to flow if you are intensely documenting so people know you did your homework?

Do you think writing books has changed so much in the last fifty years?

That I would really like to know.


  1. I don't really think writing books has changed much in the last fifty years. Vocabulary has evolved, and typing/word processing. But, story wise it seems pretty much the same.

    As a certified hypnotist, I'm sure you could remember old stories under hypnosis. You can try self hypnosis pretty easily and see what happens.

    Whenever I write up family history, it is a struggle to keep all the evidence and still keep the story readable. Wish it was easier for me.

    Good luck with your projects. And rest assured your efforts will be appreciated. My grandmother had a 1st cousin who wrote her memoirs, they aren't well organized and sort seems unfinished, but she wrote them for her grandchildren. She probably never thought that people like me (and my cousins) would be so interested in what she recalled about her life, and her grandparents. But, we do!

    1. Mary, This is good news for me. I know that my Great Uncle told me some very important tales when I sat on his lap at about age 12.
      I agree with the lack of easy of a story and documentation. I truly think a story should stand and documentation should be added at the end so that people know it wasn't all made up. Flow is so important to keep a reader interested.