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Thankful Thursday- Friday's Family

Thankful Thursday - Friday's Family

 Wednesday the mail man brought  me a package and Thursday I read it from cover to cover.

 Amazed at how we can communicate and yet miss key items in each others conversations.

 This applies to written and oral.

 Learning now that more was known than was thought, but alas only known  to various members of the hunting team.  We all thought we swapped all our research data but somehow a couple of pieces here and there were missed.

 Now found, it makes the picture more clear and progress has definitely been made.

 The family of which we speak is the MOYER/MEYER/MYERS/MOHR family that married into the FOLK/FOULK family in Pennsylvania.

 MEYER - 300+ YEARS IN AMERICA    Donald MOYER  Closson Press 1991

 Having had many conversations with Donald Moyer regarding the families above.  I am hoping he was able to complete the other book he was working on.  Reaching 864 pages. He has the references just did not add all to the book due to length.

 My family line has proof up to Philip but it runs into some twists.  First I learn that Philip's father is a Valentine which I think explains the confusion family has to some degree. Philip then had a Valentine whom had our John Myers.  Family Bible gives us this much.

We think, several of us, that the data written in Bible may have been entered at the time of John's death in Illinois. Bad time to write down facts they can get twisted at these times.

Since I learned that the first Valentine's wife's name was Margaret, (knickname for Margaret can be Betsey, my Mom's friend was Margaret and husband always called her Betsey). Explanation for why I think data right but backwards.
Valentine m Margaret  (2nd marriage) in America( He is only child listed for first wife Maria)

Can she be the Betsey Blessinger? in Bible.. er denotes marriage name Blessing.

Philip m (according to this account)
Maria Catherina UNRUH.  They are mentioned in Valentine UNRUH's Will.

Their 2nd child is Valentine MEYER  b 1762.  mar Catherine JONES d 1823 Dauphin Co. PA
First born son is John MOYER 4 Jan 1793  Tulpehocken Church, Jackson Twp. Lebanon Co. PA
First two children's birth dates do not match with our records. Thinking if they wrote data after John's death they may not have realized   Dad was that old.

Next puzzle is they say had { 1 boy and 6 girls.} Now that did not stop them from having other children and them dying small.  Which some of these Church records imply. If not this is not ours.

Yet we pick him up as the book shows down to ourselves.

This information is attached to Philip MYERS,  which is compatible with story told in McPherson also.

Phillip served in Rev War  more than once . First  helping father with supply wagons then as private and later buried (?) as LT. Philip Meyer 6th Battl PA Militia, Rev War found at Zion Lutheran and Reformed Church Cemetery, #89
Capt George Millers Co  of Berks Co Militia being on duty at South Amboy 5 Sept 1776 mustered out Dec1780. Stationed at the mouth of the RARITON River while the battle of Long Island  took place.He was at Trenton Xmas night, Valley Forge etc.   German Regiment of Continental Troops member
held 2 commissions the other one 1st LTin 1777 for Militia,8th Co.6th Battalion.
1799 built house near Womelsdorf Canal it burnt, rebuilt#17
furnished stones for original Zion Union Church of Womelsdorf

Remembering his father was also a Valentine if all this sourced data is  correct.  So this Philip and Valentine imply to be ours.

This younger Valentine did have a living brother and that  line is followed in this book. Samuel MOYER b 1806 d 1893. He was blind.  

So is family lure off a bit, I suspect so, like the Penticoff/Benninghoff line story semi right but wrong generations. 

We need to look at the finding of the 6 sisters. One I know was Elizabeth because her line lived next to John in Illinois at time of his death.

Bible if FACT says Philip M to Valentine M to John Myers. I have from John Myers to current proven solid. 

John Myers did marry Sarah Elizabeth(Jane) FOULK (FOLK) b 28 July 1813 Perry Co. PA death 21 March 1860  Bible record but no where? Illinois or Iowa

Her parents were Peter Foulk Sr,( son of John FOLK, dcd 1793 Berks Co. PA) and Catherine
Catherine was of Indian lineage...  Skittigan Tribe derrivative of Mohawk tribe near as we can learn.

Last names mentioned have been OHLINGER, KIMMEL and others 
She is buried Mt Zion Church Cemetery, Carroll Twp., Perry Co., PA, right behind the church. 
Peter FOULK Sr     WILL p 97 Vol A Perry Co. PA
Peter had land 100 acres Warrant date 19 April 1813. CUMBERLAND

Peter Foulk
Rye, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States

Peter Folk
1 Apr 1794 - Northumberland

Peter Foulke
Free White Males Under 10:
Free White Males 26 to 44:
Free White Females Under 10 :
Free White Females 26 to 44 :
Number of Household Members Under 16 :
Number of Household Members Over 25 :
Number of Household Members:

Anyone with more information on these families would deeply appreciate hearing from you.

Carolyn, Audrey, Susan, Wendy, Don, please respond.

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