Thursday, August 23, 2012



 Besides Thankful, it could be Thriller, Treasure Chest and Thrifty Thursday.

 We are thankful for our friends, who come fix things, we are thankful for other genealogists whom find our blog and help us learn more about our kin. 

 Thrifty because it only cost time to put the blog together after the research had been done and sharing it with others. 

 Treasure Chest because the data  is new to us and will help move us to our final goal of whom they were and where they truly came from, with in a reasonable length of time.

Thriller because of all the twists and turns it has taken in 50 years to get this far and finally seeing the
results surface and become real. One document in Union Co. Pennsylvania, a census find in Jersey Shores, Pa in 1830. Remembering to do the George Schweitzer thing of expand the research by the 50 mile mark until you locate the lost.  Yes, George S. it worked again.  

 So grateful I was able to attend so many of the talks that George S. gave over the years to help us then floundering buddy genealogists.

 A Those Places Thursday because without the place we would not have found the clues to make 
 the connections to tie up family lines.  Jersey Shores and Union County, Pa. 

 Yes, we have an  interesting family name. Yes, Pentico is in the Italian book of names. 
 It would be interesting to track this line farther back than Germany, some day and see if it was  
 Russian earlier or Italian, Penticoff - Penticuff implies a potential for that.  Some variants are: Bennihoff, Bennygoff, Pentico, Penticuff, Penticoff, & Penticope.

 So one document led to another and then led to others digging into this line of many confluted spellings.  We even suspect Penticoast can be ours also. I will share the many spellings of this great family, later. First, I want to see how many may respond.  

 YDNA led us to adopted out children whom were kin. 

 This morning I received a note from someone in Union Co. PA with information and I am so looking forward to learning more about this family.

 It would be awesome, if more of the kin ,answered this blog and shared some of their family information.  The Pentico Book is great but it starts off on a fallacy which we have proven. Truly believing the  33 letters she did not use because they did not agree with the other writers was probably more close to the true story.  Most of the things mentioned, happened but not when or where mentioned and by earlier generations of these ancestors.  We have been here since mid 1700's not 1820.

Do share you information and help us build a great resource for future generations.  Thanks.

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  1. I just found that there was residence in Switzerland very early.