Monday, November 19, 2012

Alva JONES son of Calvin and Hannah JONES

Alva Jones and wife Zelia A Jones

I first learned of Alva in a college book listing he was at school there. It is packed away in a box from about 20 years ago.

Then expanding my research, cold calling was applied and I located some kin of his with the help of the Chamber of Commerce in Nashua, IA.

Later Charles Jones sent me data from his files out of Nashua, Ia area.

Alva shows in the Iowa State Census 1875 & 1905.

Alva is also with Zelia in the 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930.

He shows for draft in WW1.

1900 census they had Hazel N aged 2.  It is her Grandson that we shared much information with.
Charles Gritzner.
Also they had Howard L  2/12.

1910  Bradford, Chickasaw, IA
Hazel 12
Howard 10
Marie 8
Mildred 6
Ethel M 2
1920 Bradford, Chickasaw, IA owned their home
Alva E 45
Zelia 31
Howard 19
Marie 17
Mildred 15
Ethel 12
Bernice 7
Harold 5

1930 Charles City, FLoyd, IA
Alva E 55
Zelia A 50
Howard L 30
Marie V  28
Mildred L 25
Ethel M 22
Bernice L 17
Harold A 15

1940 Charles City, Floyd, IA
Alve (a)  65
lived on HUDIN
H # 202
no farm
Charles City, Floyd, IA
st No. 8A
household 208
with daughters
Marie V 38
Mildred L 35

 I would love to hear from more of this family.

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