Saturday, March 30, 2013

Family Interests Medical

Have you tracked your medical background?  Have you considered  a DNA Test?

Does your family have Diabetes in the back ground?  What about  breathing problems?

We recently lost a very forward medical professional, that remarked if we had shared our medical information with our providers, many of today's ailments would not exist.

Dr. Koop, was an exceptional human in the medical field.

Our family has some interesting traits,  funky fingers, webbed toes, a toe longer than the other toes.

Learning this when I saw babies born in our family, I  have been able to locate kin back to 1720.

How you ask?   Observing the traits known to exist, really helped us find more  family.

We shake hands, we wear sandals, the areas I would be watching is open to the eye.

Remember we have brown, blue, green,hazel, flecked colored eyes.  We inherited these features from
Our ancestors.  What about cow licks in the hair, extra curly hair, very straight hair, going bald young,very thin hair,or extra thick course hair?

What about freckles?  The color of our skin is inherited.  How does this affect our health?
Believe me, cancer pushes it's face more in some than others, melatonin In the skin protects  one from sunburn damage partially.  We inherit our skin color also.

If you could prevent a family from having some inherited medical problems, why wouldn't you step up and help prevent future ailments?

Heart attacks,  arthritis,  cancer,  and many other ailments we could keep better track of for our children and grandchildren not to suffer them.

Seriously,  consider sharing at least within your family .

.Thinking of all those that could attend CeCe Moore's talk today.  I hope they took advantage of it.

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