Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ray Dee jones, Sr.'s Descendants son of Carl F. Jones

Carl  and Ida (Victoria Mae) Foulk Jones, had their first child, named Ray, in Waterloo, Iowa area near Washburn.  Her family home was Washburn, Ia.

All the other children were born in Wyoming, after 1914.

Ray  and wife Dorothy  left a legacy of  four  children and  twelve direct grandchildren.  There is also, step grandchildren, of these I think the count is nine.  They are all counted as family.

There are many in the younger generations coming up.

Ray and Dorothy Hoffman Jones, married in Wheatland, Wyoming, in 1938, their first child born in 1940 in Wyoming, the rest in California.

Ray  worked on a cattle ranch since a young boy, later marrying still doing ranch work.  Later they moved to Greybull,Wyoming as a ranch hand on the Diamond Tail Ranch, for Howard Flitner. A ranch that still exists today, partially turned into a Recreational Guest Ranch.  You can book a vacation there and ride horses and be exposed to ranch life.

Ray and Dorothy, later moved to Petaluma, Ca. to assist his sister's husband on very large Dairy Ranch.  The War had taken  the workers away.  Ollimac Dairy was well known in it's day.  It now
is an Olive Ranch.  A daughter was born here.

After the War and workers came home, Ray moved to another dairy closer to Petaluma.  Here he fought a bad fire threatening the ranch, had mumps and  spent time in the hospital and had another child.

By mid 1948, the family went looking for a home, after many queries, they found home in Sonoma County, Valley Ford, Ca. Right behind the local school grounds was home.  The barn was built in 1854 carved in the hand hewn boards.  The house was built  later in stages.

Ray remodeled the home over the years, changing the stairs and making the attic  a large bedroom for  
three.  Added a large bedroom and back porch area for working space.  Revitalized the added on bedroom,near the large rock and small milk barn,   Later he built a Grade A dairy barn, that was burnt
by a wildfire, the day before final inspection.  He lost all outbuildings but the 1854 barn, near the road, and by the valiant effort of neighbors and Volunteer Firemen, they saved the house.

He added a fireplace for heat in 1958,  in ten years he had made many improvements.  The fire was in
1966.  We heard it was children in the hay field.  You could still once in a while pick up a piece of wood or turn the dirt and see ash from the fire.

He raised four children and assisted in the raising of his grandchildren, many times over.  He even took in other children to help get them on their feet.

He was married almost 58  years at the time of passing.

He found his Father after many years of hunting for him.  He worked hard to keep his siblings in touch with each other and create a sense of family.  Just ask some of his nephews and nieces.

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