Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Checking my Files JONES Papers Hewitt Papers and others

Today wondering through the files, refreshing the brain, found some data to help cousin in Santa Rosa, CA.  Someone in Vermont sent my papers some years ago and the names are mentioned there in.

I was reading the Hewitt Papers and the amount of marriages between the JONES, HEWITT, ALLEN, and WAITE lines is amazing. Of course, they were all neighbors or at least I am suspecting that. Many worshipped at the same church. Most of them came from Rhode Island and a  few came from Connecticut.  

 When the next box is reviewed, there should be a few blank walls filled in.  

 If you have data on these lines please let me know.  Having a blank spot and attempting to find someone who has the data to fill it in.  

 Areas being researched are Bennington, Vermont; Western Mass.; Rensselaer Co. ; Saratoga Co.; Dutchess Co., NY and Washington Co. NY.  Time frame is from 1750 to 1880.

 The  main time frame I am looking at is about 1760 to 1850.  

  Some one was the parents of NOEL JONES born 1775ish NY. His son's letter stated Silas Jones and Susannah Sweet JONES were ancestors of NOEL JONES. We have a missing link for who was father of NOEL JONES. Have records to prove all that is posted. NOEL and Susanna had NOYES in 1809 in Petersburg court house records. 

Noyes and family,  later in life marries and moves to Ill. then Iowa. He moves after 1850 or there about.

I spoke with Mabel Hewitt a few times on phone. I have spoke to others and so far no luck.

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