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Jones Excitement, New England Descendants of Silas Jones Sr.

Jones Excitement, New England Descendants, but I am finding them in my home ground of youth, amazing how the  world keeps going around and around.

About a month ago I read an article about a person looking for her ancestors. It was interesting because it referenced both New Jersey and Rensselaer Co., New York. It also had a lot of intrigue attached.

I suggested due to the lack of information she try for a Mtdna or Ydna for more information.  She does a Family Finder and wow she is related to my son, through my line.  Now which line is the question.

We swapped names and places and ideas.

That was the deal breaker.  She had JONES, I am a JONES.  Now I have learned she has a few other of my surnames also. Some from VA and some from NJ.

Should have realized those JONES's would get to NJ.

Then I learn she is from Santa Rosa, CA.  I grew up next door in Valley Ford, CA. First major job was in Santa Rosa, CA.  We do have other JONES kin in Santa Rosa, CA.

After more email's flying back and forth, a phone call takes place. Later after my Sweet/Jones cousin Shirley stops by we chat then I call her back again.  I could give her data she did not have. She gave me data I did not have.

Now lets hope that other JONES researchers share more data and plug more empty spots.

Melanie I can not say Thank You enough for the beginning help you gave me years ago.

Knowing your tree is well documented and can be used with out panic is a great asset.

Silas JONES SR and wife Susanna Sweet JONES m 21 Nov 1742 East Greenwich, RI.
He passes 14 Oct 1802, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY  I have Susanna 's birth but no death.
I am wondering if she passed while they were in Duchess Co., NY?

Their children are:
Abel b 1743 East Greenwich, RI- - d 1 July 1835 Jones Hollow, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY*
Roscomb b 1746 East Greenwich RI - -  ma Susannah b 1779 Dutchess NY*
Noel b 14 April 1748 "    "            "      ma  Whitford  (have much more)
Martha b  9 Oct 1749  "    "           "      m Thomas Phillips

Zalmon b 5 Dec 1751  "    "           "    no further data  HELP
Norman b 10 June 1754  "    "           "          "                  "
Laban   b  15  Aug 1756  "   "           "     ma Sally Whitford
Abigail   b  26 June 1758   "    "         "      No further data  Help

Silas Jones Jr  b  26 April 1760 Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY  ? died 14 Oct 1832 same place#
Samuel Jones  b 9 Nov 1762    more in old files, wife Polly Allen several children
Benjamin Jones b 23 Oct 1765   ???? I think he is Abel's son????  Anyone?????

Silas Jones Jr  mar  3 Aug 1784  Mercy Scriven Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY
         Mercy Scriven b 8 Feb 1761 Westerly, Washington, RI  d 19 Jul 1837,
                     is the daughter of William Scriven and Mercy LEWIS Scriven.
          Silas Jr. d 11 Oct 1832  Berlin, Rensselaer Co. NY.  more data on this lineage 10 known children in my files.

Mabel Hewitt also listed: Timothy, I found to be son of Benjamin, son of Noel, cousins line in Canada.
James, and Lindell?  no data

*  Abel's wife comes with major questions in my files.  believe Noel and Laban married sisters.

Zebulon JONES  son of Silas JONES Jr and Mercy Scriven: b 11 Mar 1794 died 19 Dec 1860.

Zebulon JONES ma Maria Tacy POWELL,  daughter was Polly Jones Spencer

Mabel's data has some conflict I am working on.  Silas Jr born 1760 has Zebulon m about 1781??
Was there two Zebulon's?  It also has children born before they married was there a different wife?

She lists Silas Jr children as : Silas Jr, Thomas, William m abt 1779, Zebulon m 1781, Polly f 1787
Betsey  f 10 July 1803 Berlin Rensselaer Co. NY  Old Albany.   Mabel Hewitt book in Bennington, VT. Library.

 I have more data, Contact me will share with our other JONES researchers.

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