Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Tree Expanded with Great Joy

Today our Grandson Stephan Murillo and his fiancee' Nicole Bruno joined together in front of God and are now man and wife.

We are so blessed to finally have her as a member of our family.  I am sure there are many pictures on Facebook by now, so not worrying about a picture here now.

We were also able to share time with several other class mates of theirs at the Reception.  My what time and age does to mature young ones to adults.  Having used to pat this one young man on the head at school often for signs of encouragement, I can hardly reach the top of his head now. I am so pleased to see the growth.  It was great to see the other members also.  It always makes my heart sing to see them and enjoy being around them.

Our heads are still rocking with the sound of Gongudum Style? sounding music. We truly enjoyed watching them dance and share times together.  It also shows us what our other Grandchildren do when they are out at a dance.  It looks like so much fun. I think definitely more fun that couples other than slow dances.

We can now add a couple of complete new names to our lines for the younger ones. Made my head spin when I realized that. There is a lot of people in all these families.  Fortunately, I had met the Grandmother and others as much as 7 years ago when they were students in school.

When asked to dance, my knee held up and I did not fall down.  If it not been touchy lately I would have tried the new dance method. Having always loved to dance, it was enjoyable to watch others and their moves.

The Church services were traditional and family participated in them. The reception was enjoyed, though initially a wee cool. The food was great.   Enjoyed conversation with one of the hostesses at the end of the evening as they were clearing also.  Everyone was polite and attempted to make all go smooth.

Chuckling the DJ even came over and asked if we wanted him to play some older music.  He suggested Dean Martin.  We were happy with what he had.  I almost asked him for some Green Day, that was so hot when the newly weds were in school.  I also like Green Day very much.

It was great to see so much family, with Ed and family there, Alan and H there, BJ and Zack, of course Candy and her family, with Jesus and his family also. May we get to know Nicole's family like we were able to get to know Jesus's over the years.  It truly makes it then one  big family.

We thought of Don, he called this morning to tell us to wish them well.  We just wish he could feel well.

Steve and Nicole are the first of our ten grandchildren to marry. October 11, 2013.

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