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Madison, Mattison, Matison in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY Area

Brick Wall your going to come down.  Somehow there has to be a clue running around out there in someone's files that will answer this riddle.

Who was Susan Madison's parents?

 Family used a birth date of 1818. But also gave a story of her birth was somewhere between 1812 and 1818.  Where now that is even a better question? 1 census implied 1816.

 Census information said, MASS, VT, NY and CT.  Her last census she says New York.
 I know the area moved around for boundaries but I also know according to census records their son
 Noel JONES was born in MASS in 1835.  All other children born in New York.
 Yesterday I even found a child that the family did not bring forward or did not remember.

 Looking at the 1810 census, 1820 census and 1830 census to 1850, my choices for near where she later lived are: Moses or Gideon Mattison or  Job? H? Matteson.

 I know on 1820 census page 192  Petersburgh NY, there are many family members listed. Several JONES, CLARK, MAXSON, SCRIVEN, MAIN, WAIT, and I believe at least three more connected ones.
 Abel JONES, Ra/escomb JONES, Samuel JONES,  have Matteson above and below them, as immediate neighbors. - 1820 United States Federal Census dated 7 Aug 1820.

Gideon Mattison has two females 10-15,  1 male under 10  

Gideon Mattison /MADISON, Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY 1830 census

1 female under 9, 1 female to 10- 14, 1 female to 15- 19  1 male under 5, 2 male5 to 9, 1 male 10-14
Again Gideon Madisen is next to Abel Jones, Schuyler Jones, Clarks, Samuel Jones, Rueben Green, down page Maxon. At the top is Ruscomb JONES spelt Newcomb Jones.with Clark and Brown.

Gideon is 40 to 49  she is 30 to 39 - 1830 United States Federal Census
 Abel Jones in this census has a 20-30 yr male along with himself over 80 to 90.  I believe this young man is NOYES JONES.

Not finding Gideon in 1810.

Moses Matison   Berlin, Rensselaer, NY 1 female under 10,  3 males under 10. 1810 United States Federal Census -, near are more JONES, GREEN, CLARK, BURDICK, ALLEN, Sweat(SWEET) Timothy JONES here as is William, Silas,(that is Silas Jr) Tho, Lawr.,?

1820 United States Federal Census  Moses Mattison, Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY  7 Aug 1820

Moses has 1 female 16- 25, 1 m 16-25,  1 m 10- 15,  and 4 m under 10.
Abel JONES first picks up what I believe is NOYES JONES. child this age does not show in previous census. More JONES listed in 1820. Wait, Green, Hakes, Moon, Hewitt, Lewis also.

No females with Moses of correct age 1830. His age 50 to 59 same for wife
1830 United States Federal Census

 So if someone has all the names of Gideon's childen, I would like to compare them with my files.
Gideon of Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY

 Looking for a potential brother George b 1821 who was next to Susan and Noyes Jones in Iowa
1870 - 1870 United States Federal Census

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  1. Today is the first I have seen of your search for Mattison information and I hope you have had some success in the last year. I am descended from a Gideon Mattison with links to Petersburg through his daughter Sarah or Sallie. She married Ebenezer Allen and moved to Alfred NY. I am familiar with three different Gideon Madison/Mattison/Matterson/Matteson's. One has a middle initial of "F" and that one is not mine. Which of the other two is yet to be determined. From Alfred NY Gideon moved to the Coudersport PA area along with several other families from the Alfred area. I will be glad to correspond with you directly. You can reach me at email: