Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Letter

Season’s Greetings from our house to yours. 2013

January came, after Christmas as you know, having arrived home 5 days before Xmas it was quick.
February followed with more birthdays and events.
Quickly preparing for return trip to Michigan. Don was finally going to get some real medical help.
8 March off to Michigan for Don’s surgery the end of the month.  What a blessing after waiting 6 months.
April was Doctor visits and learning to do less and not be bored by setting around. No arm movements excessive and definitely, no lifting or bending or twisting.
May came and he was slowly adjusting to the change.
Learned he couldn’t even lift a bunny up to see.  Boys were great for helping. Will got to go to a Prom and Kevin was busy with school and 4-H as was Will.
Home missed me but they did okay.
Memorial Day, I was home to attend husbands FRA event at the Club289 in Imperial Beach.
Changes for many while I was gone, Change is not always a bad thing.

Was great to see Wyatt and Clementine they had so grown while I was away. Our Great Grandchildren.
Calls often to Michigan and Wyoming, a few to Petaluma.  Sure missed my MOM during this time.
July we had Anniversary and my birthday and grandson’s birthday. I think we have a Birthday nearly every month.
August Bj was adjusting to new changes at work.
Alan was contemplating changes at work also.
Ed was busy traveling as was Al.  Grandchildren were
Scattering to college and a new life.
Bj learned she was starting college again in September.  She completed in Dec with an A.
Fred lost lots of weight and made himself happy the new thin self, this year. He runs on the tread mill and works out on the bars.  I lost size doing stairs in Michigan but not much weight loss. It is all back now no stairs.
October brought marriage to Steve and Nicole.
I pulled my knee in yard tripping over a weed.
Now Dec I am having therapy again. So far so good.
November my chin flared and had surgery on it.
No Cancer, hurray.
Genealogically  I found more news on family lines and some pictures have been shared. We now visit with some of Mary and Fred’s Pentico family that lives in Fallbrook, Ca.  I have a picture of Jane Patterson DuVall’s father Rev Joseph Patterson whose father came from Ireland. Even have the name of the town. Another Pentico researcher shared a picture of Katherine Young Pentico, John’s wife.
Found Thomas Langdon’s kin in Virginia.  Learned that Mr. Alden of Mayflower is the nephew of Christopher Jones , who is our ancestor. His mother was Christopher’s sister.  Since so many of the Mayflower people came from same town wonder what other connections we may find if we looked in England.  Helped Liz with her Alexander’s and so far not found a link to ours. But just learned that the John Lee line is related to me 3 ways and 1 way to Fred.  Yes of the Light Horse Lee family.
Lastly, Zack, Will and Kevin got their drivers license and I was made Honorary Member of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society for the work I have put in over the years and the helping of creating the society with long ago friends.
Have a great year and I have three blogs you can follow my journeys on or email to get in touch with us.
                   Ancestor Seekers by the #F0C52F teaching blog
Blessed Christmas and Happy Blessed New Year.
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