Sunday, December 15, 2013

Genealogy News for December, Family and Society.

Wow, did not realize how fast time flew.  It has been a busy month.  This is our wrap up month to start the new  year out with fresh thoughts and ideas.

 Attempting to wrap up Educational Events for the year.  One left, Wednesday evening at the Lemon Grove library we will have a social get together and go over the year and hopefully set goals for the coming year.

Having set goals last year, I can tell you even if you do not succeed with them all it helps to keep the ball rolling and the gears moving when the brain says," forget it".

Having had success where not expected was a real bonus this year.  Being away from home for a few months gave me time to assist  my daughter in law and help her move forward in her quest.  Somehow when one helps others it almost always comes back ten fold. Maybe not right away but it does happen.

 Having found data on Joseph Langdon and his father Thomas Langdon, (was just looking for Joseph).
 I was looking for data for someone else and up popped Thomas and Joseph. Having found the data for another person also.

Sometimes I want to say: "Help someone else that is researching in your area and just maybe your family will be next door."

That is going to be the theme of some of our Workshops this coming year.  It will be done by regions.
We have many that have Virginia, Pennsylvania,  New York, Georgia, Carolina's,  some upper New England, lots of Texas I am hearing, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio,  Kentucky and Tennessee etc.

Having had Jones kin ( 2nd cousins) & (2nd cousins once removed)  find me to help fill in blanks of Dad's family has been great.  Found kin of my husband's family( 2nd cousins 1 removed) some within 50 miles of us.

Acquired a laptop and am learning how to use my I-Pad. The laptop frees others up for when I do talks, they won't have to bring theirs for me to use. Thank You, Gary Brock, Virginia Taylor and Shirley Becker for all the support in the past.  I will gladly accept support but hopefully will be able to use my own in case your not able to attend now.

Thank you Steve for upgrading yours and selling it to me at a reasonable fee.  I am thrilled with them.

Joined the Italian Research Group in Encinitas, learning I have three lines of Italian now.

Received our first Scholarship Application Saturday.

Being honored by the Society at our Christmas Luncheon, that was a total surprise, now to write up the development of how our society started.  Thank You to everyone, your great people to work with.

Here is link to our Wednesday Event, written by  Randy Seaver regarding our year end event. He always does such a great job. His articles are always informative and helpful to our members and others.

Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe

My working Blog for my Educational Information is here: Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound- Genealogy in Time Magazine
It has been fun but it was a lot of work, diligence and patience.  Fortunately there are a few of us still around.  That is one of my goals for the New Year, before much more happens.  I credit Geni Powell, Sandy Palumbo, June Dawson,  Peggy Donavan, Alice Myers, and the original Library staff for giving us a place to meet besides each others homes.  Geni Powell seemed to be the key person and from her working at the library, to our getting together and getting more  people involved it was not a short ride it took a couple of years.  We started in the 1980's but did not go formal until 1993.

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