Wednesday, December 24, 2014

From Our House to Yours

2014   Season’s Greetings from our home to yours.

Christmas was a joyous occasion.  Family was here minus Michigan, but we sent them our love.
The year has whizzed past.  The calendar said I started the year in therapy with my
Shoulder and knee flare up.  January passed fast.  Still teaching classes at the Lemon Grove Library and Bonita-Sunnyside Library.  Mid year I dropped one class in Lemon Grove for more time at home.  I am still Educational Chairperson, which draws on my knowledge to share with others.

Fred helps at the FRA Branch often and participated in the many events honoring Veterans.
Memorial Day he had the flags to present.  He keeps busy helping family and keeping fit with tread mill workouts..   Helped redo walkway to Candy’s while she had house on the market. No, it did not sell she still in her home.  His Sis Mary came for New Year’s and then again for Zack’s graduation.    Fred went to Michigan for a few weeks to see his family and help them prepare for winter.  He loved going to the Car Show and Parade and then to the Dirt track race, Don took him to see.   He enjoyed working with the grandsons getting wood. 

Mary is due to come again day after Xmas to see the New Year in with us. She was here Thanksgiving for ten days, was awesome visit. 

We all lost many friends and some family this year.  All those looking for work have either  a part time or regular job.  Two grandchildren to graduate this coming June then all graduated.  Stephan should get his Master’s in the spring,  Nicole is doing great too. Clementine is out of baby stage. Dan and Mary keep in touch.  Joe and Wyatt spend time here often. Wyatt loves Sea World and the SD Zoo. Nate enjoys work with Sea World, Hannah in college in the east. Andrew is a car salesman in Michigan. Shelby received her Degree and working. Willkie works and has college. Kevin is in Sports and Acting as a Sr.   GGrandma loves SeaWorld too.  Alicia had a new experience this fall. 

I flew to see Kevin’s play and visit and back again for Willkie’s graduation.  Was here for Zack’s five days later. Short trip, will go in the spring when Kevin is in play and
 when he graduates. Then back here for Alicia’s graduation.

Billi Jo has had a good year at work and was in college for a while and got best in class for the courses she took (work related).   Zack is in college and works part time.

Therapy cleared up my bout with Vertigo but flared my back. Glad  it was after trip to Wyo to see family and visit with brother in Idaho in September. Sis visited for three days, next.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Merry Christmas and even more Blessed Happy New Year.

Love and Blessings,
Susi and Fred

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