Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Thought, No Resolutions instead......

New thought,  do not make resolutions for this year.  Thanks to a fellow genealogist, I think he makes great sense.  Just like another genealogist said," stop, set it aside and start over."

Resolutions require set goals and time lines, and stress in genealogy.
True, a set goal means you generally achieve more than with out a goal.

Please jump over to Michael John Neill's site No Resolutions for 2015--Instead Some Suggestions

This  makes great sense for all whom are doing research.

Since I have been digging the dead since I was about 12 years of age with my Mom, the other genealogist said time to start over.  We used books, pencils, papers, newspapers, obituaries, journals,
library sources over and over and wrote hundreds of thousands of letters. We made phone calls and once in a while got to visit kin to garner more information.

Crazy today, it is hard to explain this to new genealogists just getting started. It is hard to make people understand, you still have to do all those things we did back then.  The computer access to some records and requests can make some results quicker. But you still have to do the ground work, the paper work, the digging for results on your own.

I loved the suggestions that Michael John Neill suggests.  The comparing of data, recording the name of informant, (I think they need to sign their story so that is 1st hand information), wish I had done that with my grandparents and relatives information. Then pray it doesn't get lost in shipment any where.

Let me know what you think.  I do all these things but not always directly.

Transcriptions can be a problem due to error in transcribing but we use thousands of transcribed documents all the time.

Blessed New Year to All.

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