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More on Peter Foulk Sr and Families son of John Folk of Berks Co.

  As stated before Peter Foulk Sr is the son of John Folk,

1.   John FOLK b 1740 Lancaster, PA dcd 15 April  1793 Greenwich, Berks Co., PA
      m 3 April 1762 , also REV WAR VET.  (Doctor) Served in Bucks Co. and New Jersey.
      2. Peter FOULK Sr   b June 1773   d 4 April 1823 Rye Twp. Perry Co. PA  War Vet also.
          3. Peter Foulk Jr b 25 Jan 1803 Perry Co. PA  d 13 Aug 1885 Waterloo, Blackhawk Co. IA
              (rel: Disciples)  History of Blackhawk Co. IA.  11 children 4 dcd at his death.
              4. Wiliam Henry Foulk b 22 Feb 1846 Somerset Co., PA d 4 Jan 1940 Cedar Twp.
                    Blackhawk Co. IA(helped build Washburn IA, Rock Island RR Pioneer) conductor

                    5. Harvey Edward Foulk b 18 Oct 1867  Illinois death unknown, disappeared with a
                         shipment of wheat to Russia.

                         6.  Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk  b 6 Nov 1897 Washburn, Blackhawk Co. IA,
                               d. 9 Nov 1988 Cheyenne, Wyo.  married 18 Jan 1913 Albert Lea, Minn.

1a.  Mary Magdeline STROCK Armstrong FOLK separate file very large, family in Cumberland Co.
       PA wife of John

       2a. Catherine Ohlinger  12 July 1774 Bucks, Bucks Co., PA,  d. 7 June 1855 Rye Twp. Perry 
                 Co. PA Indian,  ??    data given me,   not proven yet to my satisfaction. wife of Peter Sr.

            3a. Susan (Susanah) Martin SHOWALTER  b 9 Dec 1805/6 Martindale, Lancaster Co. PA
                        (adopted),  d 3 May 1866 Waterloo, Blackhawk Co. IA.  wife of Peter Jr.
                  4a. Katherine (Catherine) MYERS b 30 May 1845 Perry Co. PA   m 8 October 1865
                               De Kalb, Co. Ill,  d 7 June 1922 Cedar Twp. Blackhawk Co. IA.

                        5a.  Margaret Mae EASTMAN  b 6 Oct 1874 Blackhawk Co. IA, m 19 Oct 1892
                                   Blackhawk Co. IA, d 23 Jan 1958, Washburn, Blackhawk Co. IA

                            6a. Carl Fremont Jones b 10 Oct 1887, Bradford, Chickasaw Co., IA  m 18 Jan
                                  1913 Albert Lea, MInn, d 12 Mar 1862, Casper, Wyo.

What this method does not show is the duel descendants from  Peter Foulk Sr.

4a. Katherine (Catherine) Myers  b 30 May 1845, Perry Co. PA m 8 Oct 1865 DeKalb Co. ILL
       to William Henry Foulk.
       Katherine's mother was Sarah Elizabeth (Jane) Foulk,  her father was also Peter Foulk Sr. (2)
        Religion:  Church of God,

Peter Jr  (3) and Sarah Elizabeth were siblings of Peter Foulk Sr.(2) son of John Folk (1), of Greenwich, Berks Co. PA.

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