Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Greetings, Do you send them?

Christmas Greetings, Do you send them?

Since it is now the season for greeting others and sending best wishes, do you do this?

As a Genealogist, I have sent a Christmas letter every year but a couple were illness prevented it to happen. One was sent in January to share news with family.

Many today just post a note on Facebook or any other social media and do nothing more.

A greeting is always welcome, short or long but a greeting including an update on family is most appreciated by genealogy/history gatherer's of the family.

If you are contemplating what to do maybe this will encourage you to  make this the time of year to share the family photo of major events this last year or a story of what happened in your neck of the woods.

Also using a blog will reach many if they are reading your blog.  Using the blog is  a great asset.
If you share family knowledge through out the year you have a good basis for creating an interesting informative letter to your family and friends.

Sharing that including friends can be vital. This year I learned a class mate is actually distantly related to me. Who would have thought that would happen.  Neither of us would have dreamt of this in 1957 or 1958.

If sharing your genealogical knowledge maybe you can pull it from your  blog or genealogy program.
Did you get new ancestors confirmed or pictures or places of death (cemeteries).  What a treat that must of been. Share it with family. One never knows whom in that family may take an interest in this endeavor.

A simple made card or purchased one can make many home bound and handicapped to feel they are not forgotten in this crazy world.  Yesterday was sharing day, I meant to write this then.

Share your self with others, via a note, picture, letter and for close relatives that are aged, do a follow up phone call.

The sound of their voice may be the last time you hear it.  Our world is not the same any more.

This applies to other religious holidays be various groups, for many groups are more the same than different. Remembering that the Birth we are celebrating was a Jewish person and He never said to not practice our Faith.  A Catholic Sister had to go to the Vatican many years ago to get the Vatican to verify what she was teaching in a school.  I believe it was in Maine.  Life is very interesting.

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