Sunday, December 27, 2015

Genealogy Research, Thoughts on the New Year.

Today taking a few minutes to scan over, and data I was amazed, shocked, stunned and saddened by what I learned.

Knowing Mr. Tanner wrote a bit about this the other day was the reason I went looking to see who was keeping accurate records on some of our lines.

Many of these people having shared data with and sources and pictures and lots of information, I was deeply saddened by the lack of respect for selves and their work or for my work.  Some were minor and that can happen, errors. Alas some were glaring horrid no way could be correct errors.

Some how recalling the sharing done in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Very little of this happened, at least not deliberately. Back then people were looking for the facts and sources to their stories and tidbit puzzle pieces.

It seems that today many are grabbing??? data and just plunking it down and someone else is copying it thinking it is correct.

Suspect few realize how many hours, stamps, letters and posts were sent to get the correct sourced information to use in our trees.  This is not a cheap hobby.

 Before computer was popular, it was pencil (pen) and paper or typewriter and copy machine and time consuming efforts to find the answers to our ever non ending research questions.  Yes, we even moved to Pen and Paper after data was confirmed and would not need erased.

It may be a hobby for some and a diligent adventure for another but the truth needs stressed as best as possible. When not enough proof is given state you only have two sources.  I use 3 at the smallest.

Census records are not always factual because they data may have been given by a neighbor. Names have been distorted and ages guessed at.   Ironic because when I was helping MOM as a young person, we were given the impression census data was pretty acceptable.  1950's.

Because of the work put into many peoples trees please make sure that the data is accurate by checking with them or their source.

Try to not take what you want and leave what you don't believe.

Many years ago I received a phone call from Fayette Co. PA from a well known retired Professor.
He was most upset with my new tree I had put out for all to see.  Fortunately we chatted for a bit and I told him if he found my sources not correct to let me know because I had never been to where this happened or did not grow up with stories about what happened. He had.  A week later he called back and said he was so glad we had communicated and he learned two books on the market had errors of gross invalid information on two of our lines.  It was the stories he had heard since small and he was then 87. He could not believe the family had some where along the line changed the story around to be erroneous. I had told him I had to learn the data from all the sources I had researched. Libraries, family members, court documents, church documents, church bulletins and tax records, land records and wills and probates.  I did not have the family story which probably saved me months of searching the wrong direction.  As it was, it took my quite a bit longer than I had thought possible to garner the information that I used. I then got a plane ticket and went to this state and county and town to learn more.  In the end a newly found cousin and I put up data on the web and I still pay for the site for others to see.

It is in dire need of help but I am not a computer expert in that area.  But the facts there all had at least 3 sources and many more.  Cousins were given credit for their work and the site then was awesome.  Many have passed on now since we are talking early 1990's.  Some thankfully are still with us.

Never thought it would take this long to find this much but glad I took the journey.

It saddens me to have others still post erroneous information after all the work went into making sure it was accurate.  When NOT SURE. a note was given regarding that.  We had to have a second site to place all the sources because the carrier said our site was to large.

 LOL today we use clouds.

So do your research but check before just accepting.  Alas many on Ancestry do not answer one's email but sure love how the people on MyHeritage respond promptly and with great care.

BTW, MyHeritage is a great replacement for FTM. Or Bruce Buzbee's Roots Magic.

Have a Blessed New Year and many great adventures.


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