Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ahh Taxes at the Office and back to Research.

Back to Research

Stumbled across lots of forgotten tidbits as I dug for papers for tax time.  The last year was
interesting and hectic and we survived.

Having had two surgeries in 8 weeks and a son having major cancer surgery and radiation,  plus
the last two grandchildren graduated from High School, the spring flew into summer. Spend 6 weeks almost in  Michigan. (I really love that state) better  we love our family members whom are there.
Having a cousin that lives about 40 miles from our son and his family.  The cool thing is the son loved this cousin's Grandfather very much and named his first born son after him.

Came home to our Anniversary and then Comic-Con and then my birthday and cousins' birthdays.
Son's Birthday and Anniversary and life moved on. Hubby had eye surgeries and the entire fall was on hold for certain activities to happen.  They did not happen as scheduled.  What's New?

So mail that came in while I was gone I set aside to address later. Later is now.  I have found a picture of Great Uncle Dan Scott and his wife Great Aunt Grace Hoffman Scott.  Also have found other data that needs to be entered into the system and shared.  Yes, Great Aunt Grace Hoffman Scott was my Grandfather Cecil Lee Hoffman's sister. She also had a brother Robert with a wife Laura, who stayed in Iowa.

We are communicating with several of his Grandchildren that live all over midwest.

I found other pictures in this folder and it is of the family in Iowa.  I am planning to scan them into the system and share them.

Also cousin Twyla Richard's shared medical data on the family and that is a real plus. We could so help each other if medical data was shared and more prevention was put into play with our living.

Husband said he completed lots of items on his Bucket List.  Gee, I was happy for  him.

Today, Hubby actually shared a story about his Grandparents and I was so thrilled to hear him talk about them.  It saddens me that he did not get to spend much time with either of them or get to know them better.  Maybe he would be more interested in his family if he had.

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