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Inez Mae Scott wife of Cecil Lee Hoffman

Being so excited, I thought I would post this here.  A cousin in Mystic, Iowa; sent me a picture of my Grandparents. Actually she sent three of them. One, MOM had and I can not find, so it has been replaced.

The older picture was taken in their home in Wheatland, Wyoming. 1958. It said on side of original picture if I recall correctly.  I believe Mom took the picture, year I graduated and went to see them.

One is of Grandma and Grandpa with a new born baby, no idea which child. Was it their first, I do not think so but could be wrong. I am hoping cousin Mildred Scott in Wheatland, Wyo can answer a couple of questions.

Janet, I never met Great Uncle Walter, that I recall. He was in IOWA.  Great Uncle Walter was Grandma's brother.  But one brother came to WYO to see us on one trip, no idea now which one. Uncle Dick may know.

Inez SCOTT HOFFMAN's and Walter SCOTT's parents were:

Cornelius Scott and Ella Warden.
Ella Warden Scott (1862 - 1918) - Find A Grave Memorial
Cornelius F. Scott (1856 - 1918) - Find A Grave Memorial

They had according to my records, census, marriage and personal data:

Daniel: whom I met and sat on his knee when he told Sis and I family stories. His wife was
            Cecil Lee's sister.  Grace Hoffman. He had 3 sons. His son Ralph Scott, was close and
            we shared lives for many years. We knew him and wife and all the children. Grew up
            with them from early 50's until death. Ralph and Nadine visited ( FRED and I)  in HI.
            Ralph and Nadine E Scott had :  Dean, DARREL, Jeannie, Ivan and Thomas. I think                             Jeannie's real name was Virginia. I communicate with Patty, Dean's daughter who lives                       near our son in MI.  Patty has a sister in Northern CA. Also  try to keep in contact with                         Jeannie. When young we shared a lot of time together.
Daniel Francis Scott (1880 - 1957) - Find A Grave Memorial


Mary Emma:

Gertrude R:died fairly young have pic of her funeral, d1937

Minne B:

Inez Mae*: ours

Harrison: lived in Colorado and we met him and his wife and two children. He was a Carnival
              entertainer. He could bend like a pretzel. Have a postcard of him. Had to quit because
              knees would not let him stand up.

Walter:  grandaughter sent me the pictures. Thank you. Janet. He may be the one who came to Wy.

 James:  Mom said we met when I was teen, young. Met several
             and can remember visiting homes but not all the names.

Fern,  visited Great Aunt Fern in Casper, Wyo  several times, and enjoyed the children (Cousins) wrote to Betty for years until her death. She even had a sister Roberta like I did.

Inez Mae  Grandma, I love you and I so loved your brother Daniel, he shared so  many stories and events.  I am seriously still considering hypnotism if they can get my brain to recall them. I know you told us we may be kin of the kidnapped baby that was famous, I draw blanks when looking.  I
enjoyed visits with your baby sister Great Aunt Fern in Casper, Wyo and her children.

Amazed to learn I knew so many of the Scott family.  Thank you God.

Not forgetting James and Ethel Scott,  Don Larson,  Ralph Scott and Nadine Edminston? Scott. Dean Scott, Darrel Scott Milt Ret. , Thomas Scott.  All gone on.

Looking for Ivan Scott. Cousin where are you now?
Mildred Scott hope to see you this summer.
I might even get to IOWA to see my other Scott cousins, wouldn't that be fun.

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