Tuesday, November 8, 2016

LDS Library hunting for Antonio ie Anthony Casper. Kimbrough popped up.


Today Mary and I went to the LDS Library in Mission Valley in hopes to see the records of Anthony or Antonio Casper's Naturalization data.

 We found the exact same thing that was shown at the meeting.  They hunted for the book and page and LDS for some reason does not have it. So we write to OHIO.

  As we were trying to see if other data would show up on the family, a line popped up that takes her back to the BROWN/KIMBROUGH line and those two lines go back farther than where I stopped long ago.  Additional names are GOOCH, SEALES, GRAVES, ETC.

 We printed it off on a fan chart and it is so light I can not read it so we will go back to get the data.
 We found some ? data on one group the lady just scratched her head.  Do not use that some thing    wrong which I was totally in agreement.

  We have searched pretty heavily so now I suspect we go back to newspapers for clues.
  We also wanted to look at a 1820 German Census.  LDS does not have that nor did their Ancestry.

   Next trip we will see what happens on Neumann,  variant lines.

    We will keep you posted.

    Mary Pentico Nelson and Susi Jones Pentico

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