Sunday, November 6, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun My Way. First Election

Born in 1940 and turned 18 in 1958, my first vote for President was in 1960.

I think I missed one election being to ill to go vote.  Today we can vote many ways besides going to the polls. We can vote early, we can vote by mail. We can vote and take it to the Library for them to give to the polls. ( I learned that last Wednesday).  It is the one right I have, that I feel I need to voice my concerns in.

 My husband and I like to go to the polls so that people(neighbors) see we feel voting is very important and our right to let our neighbors know, how important we feel it is.

As we know many people do not exercise that right.  We still get: " why bother, it does not matter", as a comment back.

I suspect my parents voted from the first time they were able to. It was a very important event for them.

I remember the family voted for Dwight D Eisenhower, both times and the many discussions of why he was the best for the job. Major military back ground and influence within our family. Everyone did something during WW2 and many cousins were in Korea and we lost some in all of these and others.
I still have my I LIKE IKE button.

Family was in Rev War a major percent, family again involved in: War of 1812,  Civil War, and other skirmishes that came along. WW1, WW2, Mexican American, (San Juan Hill), etc.

My husband served 25 years USN. Korea and Viet Nam,  A son served in USN. Mid East Wars

1960 I voted for  John F Kennedy and have his button also. Our family was conflicted that election.
 LOL, being raised Catholic, my vote went to Kennedy much of the family voted for Nixon.

The next election 1964  I did vote for  Johnson,  1968 voted for Nixon. 1972 Nixon. 76 Ford,
Reagan next, Reagan, Bush, etc.

I wish we could vote for the best person verses the party.  I do not like party voting.  Having belonged to two party's and learned lots about others, parties are not productive for the common citizen.

I remember Dad and Mom talking of switching parties but I can not tell which was which or when except it may have been with Ike when he first ran for office. I know they changed again later but not sure when.  We used to have great debates regarding politics. It was worse than religion.

Dad was born a Baptist and raised me Catholic.  Think about that.

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