Monday, December 12, 2016

The Christmas/Holiday Season is Here..

  The Christmas Season/ Holiday Season is here for all those whom celebrate the season.

For Jesus was a Jewish boy and celebrated his faith and brought about our celebrating Christmas.

Thanks to the Sister whom petitioned the Pope many years ago, (she was from Maine) if I remember right and after deep digging the Church agreed with her.  It is truly a special time of year.

Having received a phone call from a Myers tonight maybe we will crack open that old brick wall before next summer.

The Jones Clan is gathering more data and verifying more dates and learning more about our fellow ancestors.  They were really quite interesting people.  THE COMEDY OF CRYSTAL LAKE, 1. The Lowering of Crystal Lake, 2. The Biography of Archibald Jones by Stacy Daniels, confirms that.

The surviving of my Great Grandfather Calvin Fay Jones, during the CW is another example. I am sure as our cousins gather data we will learn many more interesting things.

Silas Jones built his home and put the date on the Chimney in Rhode Island. Then moved over to Dutchess Co. and up to old Albany later called Rensselaer Co. New York.  Dying there in 1803. Family today is pretty much everywhere.  Even in Canada where some went during the Rev. War and some then came back after trying it. Some stayed.  Yes, the married into the Indian's very early also.  Thanks Bill Nickerson for that data so long ago.

Suspect some of our Foulk line was in Canada for some of the same reasons for the Civil War.

Huffman/Hoffman's were active in every skirmish we had it seems from pre Rev War to current.
Fighting, Indians, marrying Indians, fighting Canadians, British, and all other countries of battle.

It amazes me the surnames that we descend from and how far back some go. The Adams' Family yes we descend from them.  Richard Higgins Family, Stout Family, DuVall, Eastman, Trowbridge, Beldon, Berry, Beal, Bourton, Brammer, Bremingham, Brothers, Brown, Bartlett, Bollen, Allen, Bailey, Blizzard, Blomgren, Bruno, Apel, Cooke, Clynton,
Burr, Burnett, Casper, Cates, Carpenter,  Chalfant, Clifton, Collins, Cook,  Cooper, Cowell, Daniels, Dever, Davis,  Devore, Donalson, Drew, Dunlap,  Ely/ Ealy, (Ihle), Fabor, Feil, Faber, Folk, Foulk, Frairy, Fry/Frye, Fuller, Green, Gooch, Groos, Gamber. Gallentine, Garrett, Gilmore,  Gibson,
Grey,Haines, Hamilton, Hammerich, Hammert, Hampton, Hannan, Haack, Henderson, Hickman, Hendricks, Huffman, Hoffman, Hudson, Hulse, Hunt, Jackson, Jeffreys, Jenkins, Jepson, Jewell, Jipp, Johnson, Jones, Chalfont,  
Keeler, Kinton, Langdon, Lamberton, Lash, Lewis, Loos, Lovely, Lindall, Madison/Mattison, McCune McNatt, McQuillen, Messenger, Miles,  Miller, Minor, Mitchell, Moak, Moen, Morrow,
Myers, Meyers, Mohr, Moyer,  Morelli, Morse,  Nanke, Neal, Noss, Nast, Neumann, Newbold, Noble,  O'Brian,  Oen/Owen, Ohlinger?, Orbin/D/Orbin,  Osborn, Porter, Patterson, Pentico,  Penticoff, Penticuff,
(Benninghoff), Phillips, Plants, Plantz,  Powell, Prather, Van Princis, Pycroft, Quamby, Van Quillen, Quintana, Rice, Richard, Ridgeway, Roberts, Ritchey, Robison, Rolland, Rood, Root, Roote, Rousey, Russell, Saylor, Scheuerien, Schwarn, Scott, Scriven, Senft, Sessions, Sharpe, Shaw, Shields, Showalter, Small, Smith, Sparks, Spooner, Spragg, Stanford, Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Stoddard,
Stollar, Stoops, Stout, Strock, Strohschnieder, Strosnider, Snyder, Sweet, Thatcher, Thomas Thredder,
Titlon, Titus, Torrey, Townsend, Tracy, Tuttle, Unruh, Utt, Warden, Washburn, Webb, Whipple, Whitford, Whitrup, Wicke, Wiggins, Wilde, Wright, Yates-Snow, Young, Yarty, Murillo, McKnight,
 Do not forget Rahamana, Mr. Thomas, Pocahantus and many more unnamed wives.
These are off my Reunion File, wait til I post from my My Heritage or my old PAF for MAC if I can get it running.

Blessed Christmas to you all or Blessed Holiday Season to you all.

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