Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We are Related, or are we related? that is the question.

We are related, or are we related, that is the question?

Trying to remember where that ? mark goes.  Anyway, I gather many are checking their phones and their  I pads etc for information on potential relatives.

I have found it interesting at best.  But one person had a hint for a name I did not have and when I checked the census and the records by golly I just had not found it yet.  So yes we do link.

Finding two more Jones kin in the Facebook crowd.  Just learned my niece took her DNA test and will get results in about 6 weeks with Ancestry.  Not sure it will transfer over to FTdna.  Her Dad is a JONES.  We have his on record already.

Sometimes the more we delve into the clues the more confused the scene gets. Having two lines that are doing that in full force.  Yup the Folk/Foulk line and the Myers/Meyers line and yes they married each other twice.  Go figure.

Of course I have found MyHeritage and other management programs have not resolved how to solve these situations yet.

I can say that some of the data given has been very helpful and actually seems to be mine.

Have you tried the We're Related app yet for fun and maybe finding clues?

Two of the celebrities ? if one calls them that, I have met and we are definitely linked to them.
Wish I had known when I met them.

Few celebrities have the character that I like to see promoted in our times so I am blessed both have led a fairly calm life's.

Some are distant cousins that we had already connected to, on GenealogyWise Chats.

Those chats are so much fun and helpful as you are doing research. They are much like the old Golden Gate Forum Days.

Have a super New Year and find more kin.

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