Friday, March 3, 2017


  As I am fatigued today from a family event. The thought I wanted to convey won't go away.

  On this day several years ago. I woke my Girl Friend Lucy and said it was time to go to the ferry,
  and Balboa Naval Hospital.  I went to her house and left the boys with her husband, with their daughter also asleep.

She drove us to the Ferry dock.  She told the ferryman I was in labor.  Wow, was that the creating of an interesting event.

I always got sea sick riding the ferry but we did it often since family lived in Lemon Grove and we were in Coronado.

The ferry man stopped loading the cars signaled the Captain of the eminent birth and the bar dropped and we started forward.

Never had a had such an exciting ride. Never dreamed the ferry could go so fast. We had a 30 foot or higher rooster tail. We were across the bay so fast and we bumped the landing.  The way was clear
and we were the second car off the ferry. In less than 20 minutes I was at Balboa Naval Hospital being admitted from the time we left Lucy's H.'s house.n  We both were still in awe at the speed and rooster tail of the ferry boat.

I did not get seasick. AMAZING

Within 30 minutes we had a girl in our family of boys. Husband's brother wanted a girl and ended up with five boys.  We had two boys then  later adding another girl and much later adding another boy.

Hubby was so excited to have the girl.  Seems they were scarce in his lineage.  So daughter one, is a morning baby.  She rolled at 6 weeks and terrified me.  Almost flipped off the table as I was packing her diaper bag. Brother Ed caught her with Don standing there to help. Startled us all.

She has been busy ever since. So many great little stories to tell her family.

We wish you a very great Happy Blessed Birthday Daughter.  3-3-66

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