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Samuel Fuller- Margaret Warden is Here.

Samuel Fuller is my 7th Great Grandfather on this line. Margaret Fuller is daughter of James Hayes Fuller. I have pictures of the WARDEN Cemetery, taken by a relative of my husband's. They live near this cemetery.  Those needing pictures contact me.  One of my Females to honor.

I also have relationship to this line on another line.   : > )

Margaret Fuller Warden was born 16 May 1891 in Washington, Maryland, USA.
Died 29 Dec 1897 (96) Will see  if date shows on tombstone.
Hopkins Grove Cemetery, Polk City, Iowa USA.
Daughter of James Hayes Fuller and Catherine Fuller.
Wife of Daniel H Warden.

Samuel Fuller   b. 23 November 1676 Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, Prov of Mass.
                         d. 19 Dec 1724 (48)    Rehoboth, Bristol Co. Prov of Mass.   7th gen

Samuel Fuller  b 1646   d 28 April 1676  Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony(killed two weeks before end of the King Phillip's War.)  ( 2nd known ancestor in that war, Teague JONES another)  8th gen.

Robert Fuller of Salem and Rehoboth,   9th Gen
Bristol, Mass Colony, b Southampton, Hampshire, England

Thomas Fuller of Redenhall and A  ? Fuller   10th Gen.

Geni - Robert Fuller (c.1616-1706)- Rehoboth, also has a picture of family bible page.  Daniel Warden's picture also.
Geni - Margaret Warden (Fuller) (1801-1897)- Madrid, Douglas Township

Susi Pentico 

Dorothy Inez Jones
your mother

Inez Mae Hoffman
her mother
Ella D Scott
her mother
Daniel Warden
her father
Margaret Warden
his mother
Samuel Fuller
his father

Samuel Fuller
his father

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