Saturday, July 29, 2017

Glenn was and is a relative. Are You Related? just sent me a message.

John Glenn is and was a relative.  I am sure that would please Daryl Glenn our deceased member.
We tracked for three years and just did not find the answers. (I have to look but think he spelt his first name different, He has been gone a while now.) As are most of the others that started in the beginning with the development of the society.

 We're Related app's keep saying we are related to lots of people. But they leave many gaping holes in the chain so I ignore those.

I know the DuVall line, Jones line and Hoffman/Huffman line fairly well and generally do not even have to check it to agree or disagree.

Besides hard work the old way which connected me to 9 other Genealogical society members, the WeRe Related app says there are three more that belong to our society that are related, two I agree with completely even if we haven't talked about it.

Amazed at how many people have the Haines line, Stollar, Plants,Plantz, Plance line. I am learning that the Stollar line is also Stotler, names did get twisted.

Learned that the OEN is really BOHN from relative that found me and I shared with Shirley Lee.
She married a Jones.

Found another Gooch, yes in our line. That line tied to my dear deceased friend from Germany.
Friedel Gordon,  Now will this Gooch tie in also??

Lots of turmoil with the WRIGHT's line. At least two of them. And some said JONES was tough.

I have four proven Jones lines.  Mass, Maryland, Pa and New York.   Do any intersect that I have yet to learn.

How about Young, Cook, Cooke, Barnes, at least two of those lines.

Mattison/Madison oh that is a fun line to guess and play with.  56 years and no definite answer to my satisfaction.  O yes, the children had her from four states they didn't even know???
Last information received says father was John Mattison and she was born in Vermont.
I did find her brother when he lived near her in Iowa for a few years and had a son.  Yes his last name was Mattison making this a wee more accurate.  Obviously they did not like Iowa because the son went back to Vermont and eastern New York. After 1880 or about then.

Have a long list of FOLK, FOULK  and EASTMAN kin, and TROWBRIDGE kin,  SHARPE, TRACY, ROOD, FULLER  a tidbit of KEELER, BELDING/BELDON, LOVELY, LAMBERTON,  then we move to the other side of the tree.


We have at least two FULLER Lines, one Mayflower and one in Maryland with another JONES that may link back someday.

These names come off of my Dad's side of the true and are not all of them just primary ones I semi track or have tracked in the last 30 years.

I will share some of Mom's soon.  She also has FULLER. Some tie back into some of Dad's early in country development./

Wish back up drive had not died.  But that is life.  Now two back updrives and one tree in the clouds.

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