Monday, December 18, 2017

Reminder to all Family....Friends..... Xmas Letter 2017

  So no Xmas letter,   at least write one in a blog and get it posted for the world to see.

 Our Grandchildren and great grandchildren have not a clue of what our life was like if you are in your 70's or older now.

 Most of us lived through WW11 and Korea and other skirmishes until Viet Nam came along.
  Younger ones were in Egypt, and all over mid Europe south for deployment.
  Today it is Syria, and Turkey and a large area of that part of the Continent.

 I for one had no TV until 12 about 1952/3. Thinking DAD got it just about time I was to start High School. Probably the year before actually.  Ed Sullivan show we watched on Weekend evening.
Jackie Gleason Show and a few others but TV was only on about 2 to 2 1/2 hours even on weekends.

 We had radio's to listen to and outdoor activities to keep us busy.  If we got underfoot they would find work for us to do. Dig Thistles, pound nails, pull staples, gather and carry in Kindling and of course regular logs for fire after well established.

In the summer we canned fruit and garden products in the evening after other chores were done.
We had lots of coloring books and crayons around.   We had some very talented cousins when it come to drawing and mixing colors up.

Of course living in the country we had 4 legged animals to care for and feed and groom and train and play with. I found my 4-H pins this morning. I was shocked to have found Mom had saved them.
But we saved the boys pins for Boy Scouts, same principal.

I took Animal Husbandry and Sewing and a Art Class and learned to make molds and statues and paint them.  I made scarf, skirt, blouse, dress and apron, not in that order and have sewn ever since.
Neighbor taught us to knit and crochet the European method verses US.  Yes it is different.

I learned to tan hides and butcher and plant a garden and pull weeds and what weeds were eatable verses just a nuisance. Canning was never my favorite. Being afraid the Canner would blow up and burn us all.  Learned to make Jerky and can meat and cut and freeze animals we raised for food.

We sawed many logs after we would fell a tree to season for the winter coming. No youth today have little exposure to what our world was like prior to 1970.

Please share a piece of yours with your kin they really need to know we were raised to care and share and be mindful of others ways and thoughts.

We learned to play musical instruments and to paint or color.  Alice Hess is a cousin of close encouter and Miss Gorman was an Opera star during I think it was WW1.   Both Cousins off the FOULK line.

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