Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Scouring the Connecticut Census for THOMAS near EASTMAN

Scouring the Connecticut Census for THOMAS near EASTMAN

Yes I went Census dipping and looking for clues. Then I went to the trees looking for clues.
One member has the story right but wrong state. This family started in CT. and ended in New
York then moving west, Ill, to IA and stopped at other states along the way. One child born in OH.

There appears to be many Thomas's.  Fortunately,  I think DNA may help us with this situation.
Any Eastman male born from Esther Thomas would have DNA from her father. I think Autosomal is the test to be taken.  Wish I had thought of this to ask at the Seminar.  Also even better would be to find a sibling (male) of Esther's.  Then you could do Ydna.

I am so thankful that so many in the family early wrote down the story of this family and what happened.  So far every descendant I have met has a copy, especially my parents and older generations.

Great Grandma went down to sign up for the Indian Information and they cut off the event.
I may have her story written in the trunk. Yes I knew my Great Grandmother Eastman FOULK, later Archer.  We corresponded from the time I was small until her death Jan of 1958 the year I graduated.

The military lost all her letters when we transported to Hi. among many other vital things.

My Grandmother would tell us how her Grandmother would teach them about living in the rough.
Plants to eat, avoid, how to fix and prepare.  Things I have eaten that you never ever see in a store.

She in turn took us out in the pastures and shared with us many of those same informations.

Then I compared them with what my Grandfather told me on my Mom's side and found it very interesting to learn much of it the same.

I hope I have the names in my diary that is in that trunk.  Mom could rattle them off easily but she has been gone 5 years and I can only remember three.

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