Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year One and All.

The NEW MOON is out.

The clouds are to the west so we can see the moon from the east.

I made black eyed peas, ham and cornbread for family and neighbor.

Dinner was a slice of pie.

It has gotten very cold all of a sudden.  Hubby agreed.

Praying all traveling are kept safe and arrive all in one piece.

Trusting God that this year will be calmer but ask Him to give strength
to deal with what comes.

Truly want to travel to see some older family and our son and grandchildren.

Not been home since our old home place sold.  

Health issues have already popped up in family so we shall see.

I hope family is logging a bit of their lives for the families of the future.

Contemplating how things were in 1950 compared to today.

The changes are huge and overwhelming.

The younger ones need to at least get a grasp of what it was like then.

Blessings and have a Great Life.

Blue Moon end of month. One on each end.

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