Thursday, January 18, 2018

Many new things coming for genealogists and historians.

Sites are upgrading and changing and it is becoming frustrating at times.

Some of our best sites that serviced us have been removed for potential hacking issues. BLAHHHH

I know we are rebuilding little by little.  Knowing that is out of commission is a rotten shame.Whom ever caused the problem was not nice.

Family Search data is more accurate than 20 years ago.  Still has issues but they try to keep up with them.

Several urls have come and gone.  Many of the Researchers and Genealogists have also.

The above website gives some clues.

Find A Grave has changed I am not sure I like it but we have no control over it.

Just wanted to share the article above in case it may explain some of our  concerns, if you have any.

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