Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Genealogy and Family and DNA..

  Genealogy and Family and DNA  by Susi Pentico

 Was chatting with an acquaintance the other day and was surprised at some of the comments but thrilled  too.

 How many have been following any thing on the DNA Projects that various businesses are doing?

 How much do you know about the Migration of the human being in the last 100,000, 000 years.?

 That migration brings lots of great questions that some have touched on many have ignored and some have found intriguing.

Some were saying if your lineage never left Africa your DNA would not change.  MMMM I am not so sure because you may not have moved but what about those that moved into the region?  That exposes you to other genetics right?

Many of us are like the ad thinking he was one and learning he was another.  A great program was done by a talk show host last year? and he had the members of audience tested.  Many of those that had discomfort about other ethnicities found they carried that ethnicity.  We are not whom we think we are.  We are what our ancestors chose at the time and endured, some freely and willing others not so freely or willing.

Actually that ad is misleading because he still was what they said just not as high a ratio as he expected.  Dad used to say, " We are all dukes mixture, or Heinz 57".

There is no pure race anywhere.  We are all of color. Just shades of color.. White is clear, no one is white*, we are shades of beige, brown, yellow, & black.  Scientists say*

 So lets say we migrate up into the middle Europe, lets say we stay there 2,000 years, we pick up the culture and diets and language. Wars start, we moved some of us east to Russian and Asian areas some west to France and Germany and Baltic States. Of course we end up in Scotland and Ireland and England and  Sweden, Finland too.

Weather changes how we do things. Wear more clothes, wear less clothes, eat different diets, drink different brews. Medical things are shared and learned as we go along.

The biggest thing to me is how we treat each other.  All those other things do not matter. Are we caring and kind and willing to step to the plate for fellow MAN/WOMAN?

We buy latte's and some are dying of thirst.  We have steak and someone else maybe eating rat or wishing they were.  Our world is very, very diverse place with many diverse people in it.

How often do we look beyond our on little playing field? Do we reach out and assist others?

One reason I tend to like Genealogy is MOST carry a desire to learn and be exposed to different
topics and ideas.  About the time we have a line "nailed down", something pops up that turns that
into a new adventure.

No one should be ashamed of whom they are.  Do your best accept your neighbors and plow forward to learn more about our species.

So we were African moved to Egypt then to Bavaria then Norway then Scotland then Canada then to other regions..  Depending how long or different lines are in any one region as to what we tend to learn on DNA, as to what we call ourselves today.

Recently the Bone Marrow transplant brought up a complete different scenario.  Are the companies asking if this has happened to their customer? I only learned of this, this last weekend.  Bringing up another one I am going to ask my company? If you had a complete blood change as an Infant does it change your DNA compound?  If it does I think it doesn't completely change. The body was already created and designed.  The change came after all this was done.

So we are whom we are with dukes mix in the background from the beginning.  Would love to read more comments on this topic. See this is also medical genealogy.  

All Rights Reserved ask and I may share.

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